The manufacturer will talk about how to maintain it?

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The special pen for magnetic whiteboard is a whiteboard pen. This pen uses alcohol solvent. After the ink is solidified, a layer of mucous membrane is formed on the surface. After being wiped, they became strips, and there was no stain left on the white board. So here comes the question.... The newly purchased magnetic whiteboard can be used as needed. What about the dirty whiteboard? Next, the manufacturer will talk about how to maintain it?

Generally, plastic pens or fingers are used to write on the electronic whiteboard. It is not recommended to use water-based pens, pens, pencils, chalk and other pens to write directly on the whiteboard surface.

1. If there is stain on the electronic whiteboard, it can be wiped with a slightly wet towel.
2. Clean the dust on the reflective strip of the electronic whiteboard frame frequently.
3. Do not scratch the electronic whiteboard with sharp objects (such as knife, compass, etc.).
4. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, soap or crude oil products to clean circuit boards.
5. Avoid prolonged exposure to humidity and direct sunlight.

If the surface of the electronic whiteboard is too dirty or the stain is too deep, it cannot be wiped clean with a slightly wet towel, and it needs to be deeply cleaned.

1. A bottle of foam cleaner. Choose foam detergent with strong decontamination ability, which can clean leather, plastic products, household appliances, etc. They are sold in supermarkets.
2. A towel. It is clean, dry and does not depilate.
3. Shake up the foam cleaner and spray it vertically and evenly on the surface of the electronic whiteboard.
4. Wipe with the prepared towel.
5. If there are serious stains in some places, please wipe them repeatedly.
6. Please clean the reflective strip on the electronic whiteboard frame.
Whiteboard is a common use of office meetings and teaching tools. Years of frequent use, coupled with the uneven quality of markers and whiteboard pens, make it difficult to clean the dirty whiteboard after a long time, and black and white mottled affect the beauty and writing.


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