Classification and advantages of magnetic whiteboard

Posted by: WENYANG    Time:2022/12/16 14:36:35

What are the classification and advantages of magnetic whiteboard? First of all, let's talk about the classification of magnetic whiteboard. Magnetic whiteboard is a common product in business office. Then it tends to replace the traditional blackboard. The writing of magnetic whiteboard is generally equipped with special whiteboard pens, and whiteboards are mainly divided into two categories, one is hanging whiteboard, the other is mobile whiteboard.

Hanging type whiteboard: ordinary planar magnetic whiteboard can be pasted with pictures on the whiteboard. The one that directly prints the desired information content on the whiteboard is the silk screen board in the hanging type, and the one that nails the notice on the panel is the water pine notice board in the hanging type whiteboard. This product is simple and convenient to use, but also environmentally friendly, and can better show the office culture.

Mobile whiteboard: mobile magnetic whiteboard can be used as workshop management board, and also can be used for writing in office training. You can use a whiteboard pen to write on the board or print directly as a mobile cultural board.

Advantages of whiteboard: The magnetic whiteboard can be directly projected, without the need for another screen like the traditional way. On the one hand, you can write on the projected whiteboard; on the other hand, when you use it in the classroom, you can directly explain on the whiteboard as long as you make the examples into courseware, which is impossible to do with the combination of blackboard and curtain. Compared with the traditional blackboard, the whiteboard has an advantage.

In addition, the whiteboard is free of any dust, which is helpful to human health. And the ground remains clean after writing, especially in the office where the carpet is laid, it is very suitable to use this magnetic whiteboard, and there is no need to manually clean it every day.


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